Huwebes, Nobyembre 7, 2013

Racing Mustangs

Racing livery will always make the model cars more interesting. Same goes with mustangs. Adding racing decals makes them look more fierce. That's why collecting them will always be worth every peso.

Here are some from my stash.

Prudhomme Mustang

2010 Boss 302

2010 Boss 302

2010 Boss 302

Group Shot

1970 Boss 302

1970 Boss 302

1970 Boss 302

1970 Boss 302

Group Shot

Favorite 3 among the group

Martes, Nobyembre 5, 2013

2010 Shelby GT500

The Shelby GT500. One of my favorite Mustang in my collections. Got some from Greenlight and Shelby Collectibles. These brands have better details than their Hotwheels counterpart.

From Greenlight

Group Shot

From Greenlight Under the Hood Collectors Club

From Shelby Collectibles

Martes, Oktubre 22, 2013

Bumblebee Camaro Z28

Every kid following the 1st Gen Transformers would always remember Bumblebee as a Volkswagen Beetle. But after the release of the 1st installment of the Transformers Trilogy everyone's perspective changed from the small and weak Bumblebee to the kick-ass American muscle. Since then Bumblebee's evolution has become a major attraction to Transformers fans. From the old school Z28 to the 5th Gen Camaro every collector has waited for every model that will come-out. 

Right now what I have is the Jada version of Sam Witwicky's 1st car. The Z28 Camaro. Weathered and tagged exactly $4000 same as how much his father bought it. They just used a 1981 Camaro body but its still a Bumblebee replica thus the long scratch at the right side. 

Lunes, Oktubre 7, 2013

Kyosho 1:64 Enzo GT Concept

Enzo GT Concept, a concept based on the Ferrari Enzo. Mainly used for Track Testing. Basically it is an Enzo with a big wing at the back.

These are the latest release from Kyosho. I was only able to get my hands on 4 out of 6 variants.

 Group Shot

Good thing a friend sold his white variant. Hopefully will get it this month. Then will hunt for the mettalic red variant. 

(image borrowed from the web)

Ferrari Halo Cars in 1:18

Halo Cars are also known as the flagship models released by a certain manufacturer. These models are designed to influence other models in-terms of technology, design and other aspects that would boost sales.

With Ferrari, these Halo cars have been great icons that every model car collector should have.

So here is the Ferrari Halo Model line-up.

 250GTO (1962-1964)

  288GTO (1984-1985)

  F40 (1987-1992)

  F50 (1995-1997)

 Enzo (2002-2004) 

 Fxx (2005-2007)

Linggo, Oktubre 6, 2013

Burago 1:64 2008 Mitsubishi Lancer Evo X

It's been a while since I added something in this blog. Been too busy lately. Now finally had the time to add something.

Here I have one of the recently released models of Burago. The 1:64 Mitsubishi Lancer Evo X. Waited for weeks to get a hand on this beauties since I'm in Cebu. If I was in Manila I could have got it a couple of weeks ago. But after getting them last night I realized the wait was worth it.

Paying 150pesos each was not bad. Considering the size is bigger than the regular HW 1:64 scales and you get more realistic wheels.

It comes in 2 variants. I hope they add more. One is red and the other one is white. Details are not bad as well.

Here are some additional shots of the model.

All in all Burago is starting to improve their models lately. Their recent Ferrari releases are not bad either. So I'm definitely getting more from this brand soon.

And as one of my friend said "not all beautiful red cars are Ferrari", an Evo X could also be one of them...

Lunes, Marso 5, 2012

Evo X Rally Hokkaido

Had the time to shoot some model cars yesterday. It was supposed to be an outdoor shoot but since it was raining the night before, I had to settle for an indoor shoot instead.

This time I have a Rally Car version of the Mitsubishi Evo X. Used in the 2009 Rally Hokkaido.

The 1:1 car

                              (images from the net)

The 1:43 scale model. This model was made by Vitesse. Got beautiful details and livery on this one. Hoping that I could get more Evo X like this soon. 

Was also able to do some outdoor test shots but decided to stay indoors.